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See what previous participants have said..
About the Clinic
"The Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Clinic is a blast and a must do for all women who are at all interested in mountain biking. Even if you have never been on a mountain bike before, this event is for you!"
"It was a great time and the teachers were so helpful."
"You guys did a great job and I am really looking forward to bringing a group of ladies with me to next years clinic."
"The volunteers were super. Their expertise and guidance was not threatening or boastful in any way, and it seemed like they genuinely wanted to make us mountain bikers."
"Knowledgeable, helpful and PATIENT instructors."
Trail Education Class
2008 was the first year for the Trail Education Class.  This class allowed participants to see first hand what goes into building the trails we ride.  Participants learn about trail safely and IMBA "Rules of the Trail".  This will continue to be a key part of the Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Clinic
"I learned that there is a lot put into a trail and the amount of cost and maintenance involved. We all need to help maintain the trails."
"Nice to know how much planning goes into building the trail."
"I found it somewhat helpful. Trail building does not interest me all that much. What I did find helpful were the "rules of the trail". For example, if someone is going upward, you should yield to them until they pass by."
"I think more people should be better educated about trail building and maintenance so that we may conserve what we have, and possibly build more trails where appropriate."
Fond Memories
"A great fun time in the woods."
"Had fun with friends.  Got to meet new people." 
"My flat rear tireand break fiasco that quickly lead to the header over my bike. :)  Thanks to Charles for his most excellent help and the loaner tube!  Sally and Charles were excellent!"
"My favorite part was being around other women who were learning with me.  I loved that it was non-competative.  And, I even overheard some of the macho guys looking at us going over the obstacle course saying "woah, I've never done that."  Ha! Take that, boys."
"Meeting other women bikers, the Naked Lady party and receiving the bag full of goodies. What a wonderful idea!"

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