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See what participants had to say about the 2009 Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Clinic:

A few notes from our participants

"I wanted to write you a short note and say thank you for putting on not only a great clinic, but a whole weekend of fun and activities.  The instructors were wonderful and ever so patient and knowlegable.  I learned a lot and feel much more comfortable on the trails.  I also met many new people who are interested in being outdoors and having fun.  I look forward to participating again next year."

"I am coming back next year, but I am coming back in a whole lot better shape!!!"

"Great clinic!  I will defenitely be back next year"

"It was the best cycling experience I've had so far.  Thank you again."

"I am still smiling and will definitely recommend the clinic to anyone that will listen."

"I cannot thank you enough for putting on such a wonderful event and to all of the volunteers who helped make it possible.  When I signed up for it, I was excited, but the actual clinic far surpassed my expectations in so many ways.  What a success!!!"

"I intend to come back next year and hoping to be able to move myself up to Intermediate for more challenges!"

Tell us something you will remember about your experience at the 2009 Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Clinic

"Our fun group riding the trails and the camping... it was overall a great weekend."

"That feeling of success when I was able to tackle something that in the past I would have walked through."

"I loved the Naked Lady Party and door prizes!!  I have been wearing my boyfriend's jersey and gloves since starting to ride.  It will be great to have something that is my own.  I also enjoyed riding with and getting instruction from women who are excited about mountain biking."

"I remember having a blast with all my new friends and bombing some beautifully built trails."

"I feel like I introduced another woman to the sport who will enjoy it for many years.  It was fun to see the other women progress and feel so comfortable doing things that scared them!"

"So well organized.  Gets better every year!"

What stands out as the most important thing you learned?

"Body position and how to handle the bike."

"Flow with the trail, keeping shoulders parallel, cornering, climbing, gliding through rock gardens."

"That cool women ride mountain bikes!"

"Going over large logs and learning to negotiate rock waterfalls on the uphill/downhill.  LOVED IT!!!"

Comments from the Trail Education Class:

"We were given a lot of general information that is good for every mountain biker to know.  Being new to mountain biking, this was very helpful."

"What was really awesome was hearing Alex (professional trail builder) go into detail about WHY trails are built the way they are.  SO INTERESTING.  And then it was nice that he made it clear that anyone can volunteer anytime on trail work and they will find something for you to do.  That was cool and very inviting.  What an awesome dude..."

"I feel that trail education is an important part of mountain biking and maintaining the trails we all love to enjoy!  It was helpful to hear about what we should and should not do on the trail."

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