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The Midwest Women's Mountain Bike Clinic and Sub-9 Productions have once again partnered with Mad March Inc, a leading mountain bike coaching and certification company led by two time Downhill Masters World Champion Shaums March, to offer the following International Mountain Bike Instructor Certification (IMIC) programs.**

Participants learn braking drills during the 2010 IMIC Instructor Certification

Photo courtesy of Michelle Spitz

IMIC Level II Instructor Certification
The IMIC Level II Instructor Certification is a three-day course (7-8 hours per day) designed to train, prepare and certify mountain bike instructors to safely guide mountain bike groups and conduct beginner level coaching.

IMIC Certification Licenses provide the following benefits:

  • Ability to provide individual or group instruction based on international safety standards.

  • Industry recognition as a legitimate mountain bike guide, instructor or coach trained to use the tested and proven IMIC methodologies.

  • Officially recognized on the IMIC website as a certified Ride Leader, Instructor Coach or Master Coach.

What is covered in the three day course?

Day 1: Key Learning ~  Working out of the IMIC Instructor manual, participants cover such topics as:

     ~ Preparing for a Ride or Tour

     ~ Pre-ride Skills Assessment.

     ~ Detection and Correction.

     ~ Effective Teaching and Guidance

Day 2: Key Learning and Application ~  Participants spend the day covering progressive teaching methods and techniques for a variety of IMIC Level II skills such as:

     ~ Neutral Position and Ready State

     ~ Braking/Shifting

     ~ Rock Dodge

     ~ Switchbacks

     ~ Climbing Bail/Descending Bail

     ~ Basic Front Wheel Lift/Basic Rear Wheel Lift

     ~ Manual Front Wheel Lift

     ~ High Speed Cornering

     ~ and much, much more!

Day 3: Practical Experience and Course Exam ~ Participants continue work on progressive teaching methods and effective guiding skills while preparing for the final course exam.  Each participant is required to teach one IMIC Level II skill as well as pass a written exam in order to complete the course and become IMIC certified.

** Though there are four levels of certification (Ride Leader, Instructor, Coach, Master Coach) the IMIC Level II Instructor Certification is the only certification to be offered at this event.  Click here for a link to register. 

Go to for more information about the IMIC Certification program.